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POP Corals is not a do all aquarium design, installation and maintenance service.  However we can do anything as long as it is saltwater as that is our focus and specialty.  We are a full service marine aquarium company that takes the hard work out of owning a saltwater fowler or reef aquarium making it a relaxing and enjoyable experience. 


Our services include but are not limited to:



  • First stage is to sit down and listen to your needs – goals, desires, space, budget, knowledge, commitment, availability.
  • Develop an itemized quote with options and discuss this in detail with you before finalizing anything.
  • Present images, documentation, cad drawings and other supporting materials for review and signing off on before we begin.
  • Logistically work on a plan for how, when and where products and materials will be procured and delivered if desired.



  • Scouting for the optimal installation location and sizing up the proper aquarium and equipment to fit the space and your needs.
  • Procuring all necessary components.
  • Preparing a schedule of installation activities that fit your busy lifestyle.
  • Showing up on time with the proper tools.
  • Leak testing and ensuring all equipment is functional and tuned.
  • Professional aquascaping.
  • Clean up and leaving your space with an impressive breathtaking new addition to be the focus of your attention.


Livestock Selection

  • Let our experts consult with you on both new stock or amending current livestock to suit your needs.
  • We are knowledgeable in everything from cleanup crews, corals, fish and inverts.
  • Learn about proper quarantine procedures or medication techniques to ensure the health and happiness of your livestock.



  • Technical inspection of aquarium equipment to ensure not only that it is working but that it is sufficient and operating to its potential making recommendations where necessary.
  • Visual inspection of livestock checking for signs of health and disease, aggression and care requirements.
  • Monitor aquarium parameters.  Water is tested, flow is observed and lighting intensity is measured.
  • Water changes and auto top off replenishment is conducted.
  • Aquarium glass, sump, equipment and substrate will be cleaned.
  • Additives and supplements will be added as needed and/or dosers will be calibrated and tuned.
  • Media is replenished and other vital pieces of equipment or checked for efficiency including but not limited to ro/di filters and bulbs.
  • Install equipment and optimize operation of existing equipment.



  • Looking for something different we are there to help.
  • Advice and recommendations on your downgrade or upgrade.
  • We will look at what equipment can be reused and or is needed to make this happen and help work within your budget.
  • Coordinate regarding design, installation, livestock transfer, storage and the move as needed.



  • Detailed plan will be developed and executed.
  • Arrangements are made in advance to either house livestock or setup holding containers for the big day.  Livestock is our first priority.
  • We take the opportunity to clean, inspect and address any issues with equipment during this time.
  • Do our best to preserve as much biological as possible while at the same time removing any potentially harmful elements and replacing if necessary with fresh materials.  This can include sand, rock, tubing, etc.
  • Allowing for extra time if needed to ensure that everything is completed, up and running and to your satisfaction before we leave.
  • Follow up to ensure everything is doing well and determine if any additional services are needed.

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