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Class Anthozoa, Order Scleractinia, Family Euphyllidae, Genera Plerogyra and Physogyra

Common names: Bubble coral

Natural origin: Indo-Pacific

Sensitivity(Level 2): These are generally tolerant, forgiving corals.

Feeding: Bubble corals, with their exceptionally strong prey capture ability and large polyp mouths, can easily feed on chunky, meaty sea foods. Despite their ability to consume very large food items, smaller chunks are recommended.

Lighting (Level 6 to 8): Though adaptable, these corals prefer more intense lighting. Ideal lighting will depend on the depth and clarity of the water at which the coral was collected or cultured. As always, please acclimate to new lighting conditions.

Water flow: These corals seem to prefer moderate water flow. Too much flow can inhibit bubble polyp extension. Enough water flow to keep the coral free of debris should be sufficient.

Placement: Bubble corals are very aggressive. Please give plenty of room. Do not keep with potentially toxic leather corals.

General: Amazingly, the round bubbles of tissue displayed during the day transform into long feeding tentacles after the lights go out. The bubbles are thought to be used to gather light during the day for photosynthesis.

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