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Class Anthozoa, Order Scleractinia, Family Pocilloporidae, Genus Seriatopora

Common names: bird's nest coral

Natural origin: Indo-Pacific

Sensitivity (Level 2 to 3): These corals are generally less tolerant of unstable conditions.  Sensitivity depends heavily on particular species, place of origin, and if caught wild or aquacultured.

Feeding: A small polyped coral with poor prey capture ability, they need food of very small particle size. In a well fed tank with a variety of food, additional feeding might not be necessary.

Lighting (Level 6 to 10): Though quite adaptable, Seriatopora spp. tend to thrive and grow faster under more intense lighting conditions. The ideal lighting for any particular coral will depend heavily on the species and the depth and clarity of the water where it was collected or cultured. As with any zooxanthellate coral, coloration can change in response to changing lighting conditions. As always, be sure to acclimate properly.

Water flow: These corals need strong water flow for effective feeding, good health and growth.

Placement: To compete with other corals for space, these corals have short stinging sweeper tentacles and produce toxic substances in their immediate area to intimidate neighbors. Though they can hold their own territory and out-compete peaceful corals, they may still lose a battle with a more aggressive coral.

General: To increase chances of success, do not attempt to keep these corals in tanks less than a year old. Steady tank parameters and calcium levels of at least 420 ppm are important for health and growth.

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