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Class Anthozoa, Subclass Alcyonaria, Order Stolonifera, Family Clavulariidae, Genus Pachyclavularia

Common names: star polyps

Natural origin: Indo-Pacific

Sensitivity (Level 1): Star polyps are usually tolerant, adaptable and easy to care for (though may take a few days or weeks to open up in a new environment or after stressed).

Feeding: These corals have relatively poor prey capture and will only feed on smaller particle food.  In a healthy, well fed tank you won't need to worry about these corals getting enough food.

Lighting (Level 5 to 10): They can adapt to a range of light intensities, but tend to thrive and grow faster under more intense lighting.

Water flow: Moderate to high flow is best. These corals can be vulnerable to sediment damage.  If you see that debris has collected on the coral, blast with a turkey baster or powerhead.

Placement: Though not an aggressive coral, they can grow very fast when healthy (to the point of becoming a nuisance).  They can over grow peaceful, slower growing corals.

General: Star polyps are sometimes described as a "weed coral" for their rapid, unrelenting growth.  They are a good "starter coral" for a soft coral tank, but can ultimately take over the tanks, encroaching on other corals to the point of becoming a problem.  They are easy to fragment and propagate.

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