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Plan ahead when putting corals into your reef environment to avoid overcrowding and or aggression.  This should include providing adequate spacing and reducing tip over potential.  Make sure coral is securely attached before it has a chance to fully encrust is important.  Also care should be taken when removing or relocating corals.  This will reduce the likelihood that one coral will come into contact with another causing burning that can cause injury and become infected or potentially kill the colony.  Pruning or fragging over time may be necessary to keep proper spacing and avoid coral wars from erupting.

Hard Corals:

LPS: It is recommended to provide a 15cm zone in all directions.

SPS: 5-8cm is generally enough however since SPS are fast growing extra space should be allotted for this.

Soft Corals:

For the most part soft corals do not burn one another as bad as hard corals however there are a few considerations to take note of.  Faster growing corals will overgrow and may starve out slower growing corals.  Water flow is important so that their terpenoids do not linger and can be removed through filtration mechanisms.

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