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Scientific Name:Centropyge fisheri

Common Names:Fisher's Angelfish, Fisher's Pygmy Angelfish, Fisher's Dwarf Angelfish, Orange Angelfish

Benthopelagic species found in reefs; in coral bottoms of channels and over reef slopes; also in areas with rubble bottom. Often in small loose groups on inner reefs in low patches of brittle corals and coralline algae mix that is shared by damselfishes and small wrasses. Herbivorous. Occasionally exported through the aquarium trade.

Origin: Hawaii
Max Size: 2.5 "
Recommended Tank: 50 gallons
Care Level: Intermediate
Temperament: Semi-aggressive
Reef Safe: Caution
Diet: Omnivore

The diet for the Fisher's Angelfish should include a variety of Spirulina, marine algae, high-quality angelfish preparations, mysis or frozen shrimp and other meaty items.

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